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Did you know there are more than two thousand five hundred traders in London serving awesome food? Start to discover them one by one via the yumXYZ app.

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Get your food on time every time with a personal notification from the street food trader letting you know your food is ready to eat.

Our unique xyz system

yumXYZ was created from a lack of knowing where the street food traders would be located. Now with the power of our location services, street food traders can now be found with pinpoint accuracy. Giving the foodies an updated position of the street food trader and their food menu. With more foodies being able to discover more street food than ever yumXYZ is opening up the market to the digital age. Street food traders are taking back the streets with their enhanced menu offerings and delicious food.

yumXYZ is really excited to be launching this digital revolution of culinary delights. We are on a mission to digitise every street food market in the world.

Two apps, one ecosystem

Street food will never be the same again. Customers can now order in advance and street food traders can be easily discovered. We save you time so you can enjoy more your lunch.

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Use yumxyz to locate food stalls within walking distance of your location.

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