A new kind of food magazine

A new kind of food magazine
August 8, 2017 yumxyz

So yet another blog by another startup tech company hey…….

Okay, so we have these things called phones/supercomputers whatever you wanna call them. Let’s face it you either waste all of your time on it or your optimising how to make your time more efficient on it. Schedule meetings, on-demand food and finally google 🙂 Then, on the other hand, we are scrolling through social media, tapping away at Candy Crush or just looking for a good old bargain on hotukdeals.

We have now discussed the pitfalls and pros of the superphone. Now understanding it plays a pivotal role in our life like a bionic arm because every time a notification goes off, your hand starts to itch.

With all of that being said time is the most important asset we have right now and purchasing your favourite street food just got timefied (sounds right). With a simple ETA of when your food will be ready, forget waiting in those long queues, let alone the battle with the weather. We love street food and that’s why we spend an estimated £1.8 million pounds a day in U.K alone. It’s also on the rise with a growth of 20% per year.

yumXYZ believes we are solving a huge problem for the customers in this digital age of tap now appear later. We have been working extremely hard by validating our product with street food traders all over London in our sessions.

Many useful things have come out of those sessions but hey that can be discussed for the next blog. In the meantime check out our website and social media.

Peace out!



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