1. General

yumXYZ is a mobile app that lets you discover street food traders around you and skip the queue.

2. How does the app work?

yumXYZ provides real-time offers from street food traders cooking up the best in the business. It’s pretty simple to locate the closest vendors around you scroll through their menus, choose your favourite, then pay for it through the app and finally skip the queue.

3. Where is yumXYZ based?

We are currently serving London food traders at the moment. We are looking at scaling to other parts of the UK as well. Birmingham, Manchester. Watch this space!

4. How do I order my food?

This is the fun part, okay so scroll through your stream of food traders. Choose the one you prefer. Tap on the trader, you will then see the food menu below. Then add the foods you would like to order. After this click on the order now tab this will then take you to your order page.

5. How do I pay for my food?

Once you have chosen your food tap on the pay now button which will then take you to the payment page. You can either pay via Apple Pay or enter your credit or debit card details. After the payment has been accepted you will get an order confirmation from the food trader with a time estimation of your order time collection.

6. When am I charged?

When you make an order, your payment is reserved so the trader can start cooking up your food. How do I know the vendor has accepted the order? You will get a confirmation email from yumXYZ and a push notification letting you know that you order has been either accepted or declined. Then follow up push notifications with order updates live from the food trader.

7. My order just got declined.

Sometimes the particular food could be sold out and the friendly trader is just making sure you are not disappointed for whatever reason they may reject it. (We don’t like this happening and work hard from traders from doing it). As soon as this happens, the process is then started of returning the money back to your account. This usually takes around three to five working days. yumXYZ realises that this is a pain. However, it is the most convenient way to make sure that the traders can cook with confidence.

8. How do I claim my purchase?

After making an order, you’ll be shown your order receipt containing a unique order number. You can find your order receipt on the current orders page. Just show your order number to the vendor and they will hand over your food. If you have any questions, email the yumXYZ team on hello@yum.xyz.

9. Do offers sell out?

Yes – food does sell out especially on a beautiful sunny day. Follow your traders to get up to date information about offers and really serious foodie matters.

10. How do I change my account information?

Go to “Settings” in the main menu, then click on edit profile update, and tap “Save”.

11. Where can I give feedback or contact you?

We’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at hello@yum.xyz and we’ll get back to you.