Street food – a new beginning

Street food – a new beginning
September 1, 2017 yumxyz

From traditional food truck carts to chuck wagons invented by a Texas Ranger in 1866 to feed cowboys. Nothing has changed much, to be honest, it’s just got 4 wheels and a motorised engine aka the (food truck) making it more mobile and accessible. In saying this street food is still the same, make good food and sell it out of a conventional stand or transportable vehicle. At least that is the easy part. Now, how did the Texas Ranger in 1866 get the word out about his awesome street food? A big Yeeeeehaaaaaaa perhaps!

Okay so let’s take this analogy of direct marketing to social media marketing in this day and age. It’s super difficult in keeping track of where your favourite street food trader is, let alone knowing the menu in advance. yumXYZ has the solution an app that lets traders update their location in real time letting the customers know their trading location and menu in advance.

Food traders always have a difficult time battling the weather, finding the right pitch with enough footfall, private events. Now they can have a helping hand with these mundane tasks and just focus on the food and customers.

Technology has helped many companies increase their revenues from the restaurant industry to the cab industry with a cab magically arriving in front of yourself. By saying this, consumers are adopting the tap now appear later. This has been transformed by huge marketing budgets as well as great companies instilling this confidence by the hard work of the quality of products produced and customer service.  

We are proud to announce yumXYZ is now available on the Apple App Store. Please download it and let us know your thoughts.


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