Why a carrot hey?

Why a carrot hey?
September 10, 2017 yumxyz

Well, we at yumXYZ love the looney tunes and especially bugs bunny running around with all of that energy from a single carrot. Okay, bugs bunny is cool but our carrot locates you to a street food market and powers you through each menu, whilst skipping the queue.

We are a small team of foodies, technologists and carrot lovers who are on a mission to make street food digital. Taking the street food markets into the 21st century of tap now appear later. It has not been an easy task, let’s break the traders down into two separate lists. First of all, you have the dynamic traders who are always moving around to different food markets and festivals. Then you have the more permanent food traders who have found their groove in their local market and only tend to move from time to time.

Giving their customers a more stable source of food consistency. Trying to understand or predict where the food traders would be before they opened up for business was a huge task for the team here. We can assure you many street food takeouts and late nights were chomped through not mentioning the calories 🙂

There is going to be many difficult problems to solve, however, we accept that challenge especially with all the new food to discover who wouldn’t. Our aim is to make street food more simple to locate and order. Our technology provides this and our traders support us knowing that the scenery of food consumption is changing. With that in mind, we are changing the way street food is discovered and consumed.

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