More crunch than the carrot

More crunch than the carrot
October 1, 2017 yumxyz

Why does this mission matter to us? Well with months of research and utmost respect for small business owners alike. We have gained to understand the street food landscape much better.

We truly care about our traders and how they take a small space on the street and create a theatrical dance of food and smiles all around. We love this passion the traders give every time they set up to serve their loyal customers and new ones also. This is the passion that is instilled in this company and it comes from our super cool traders and daily interactions in the street food markets.

To sum it up we love street food and small businesses by helping them to scale to a different set of customers, who knows will this be what the retail industry needs? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves we are sure there will be many more street food successes taking over the bricks and mortar space. However, for now, the focus is making sure that the street food traders are busy all year round with our technology and our human-centered approach being at the heart of it.

This is a promise we made when we started this company. Make street food more accessible to more people and create a company.


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